International city of the French language

A historical treasure

In 1539, François I signed a historic decree at the Château de Villers-Cotterêts in Picardy, imposing the French language on administrative and legal documents. 

Forgotten and neglected for many years, this beautiful edifice has regained its strength and vigor to become La Cité internationale de la langue française. 1600m2 of permanent exhibition space, a 250-seat auditorium, 12 residency workshops for artists, researchers and entrepreneurs, a varied program of shows, events, conferences and exhibitions, educational activities, training and language learning, and a research and innovation laboratory on linguistic issues. 

Crea Diffusion, in partnership with Atelier Projectiles, is immensely proud to have participated in this project by producing, shaping and installing no less than 1,769m2 of Corian: various exhibition elements, mobile or fixed, with a very elegant finish of brass edging and a very specific moulding. Each piece is unique, singular, perfectly adapted to the object it displays. In this respect, Corian is a formidable material for its versatility.

Photos credits : Sébastien VERONESE for Atelier Projectiles



Soft to the touch, easy to shape, easy to clean and built to last, Corian® is the perfect material for your kitchen.

It integrates with all kitchen styles. It allows the assembly of sinks, worktops or wall cladding without visible joints, thus creating a perfectly harmonious and hygienic space.

Make your desires a reality with Crea Diffusion.


Bathrooms with shower or bathtub, with double or single washbasin with concealed or concealed drainage, with soft, geometric or refined shapes where the absence of joints contributes to creating harmonious sets.

Corian, a high-performance material with a soft and silky touch, combines aesthetics and comfort with incredible ease of maintenance. A real benchmark for hygiene.

The hygienic, durable and functional properties of Corian® make it ideal for the bathroom.

Crea Diffusion adapts to your needs and desires to transform your bathroom into a real place of well-being.


Corian® is a solid, structural material that offers numerous technical and aesthetic solutions for the design of a fitting out project.

It can be used for wall cladding as well as for furniture and lighting.

The experience and versatility of our technicians allow us to respond to all types of projects, from the simplest to the most audacious.


Crea Diffusion creates tables with atypical shapes, singular aesthetics and "custom" dimensions.

Elegant, robust, colorful and practical tables that make each one unique.

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Who could have imagined one day seeing walls clad with Corian®?

However, it is here that this material once again reveals its full potential. Whether it is the range of colours, the translucent appearance or the possibilities of relief, it allows for great creativity.

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The use of Corian® for bars or counters in public spaces provides a very original design. Its warm feel and ease of maintenance are also major advantages.

The few references presented below illustrate the extent of Crea Diffusion’s possibilities.

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Créa-Diffusion has taken advantage of the versatility, purity and malleability of Corian®, as well as its hardness and durability, to enable this material to find its place in the prestigious interior design of museums and national castles.

Créa-Diffusion produces high-quality, harmonious, atypical and elegant work, integrating lighting, media systems and secure closures that highlight the works of art on display.

A true work of goldsmith in collaboration with the architects.

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White or coloured, straight or thermoformed, reception desks made of Corian® allow for a wide variety of designs.

The possibilities of engraving and backlighting bring a strong added value to its decorative aspect. These different techniques are a way to enhance the identity of a brand or an establishment.

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Swimming pool, spa, wellness center, balneotherapy, Corian® adapts, shapes itself and offers your project all its aesthetic and functional scope.

Our know-how in shaping and installation guarantees exemplary waterproofing, durability and finish for your wet installations. Give us your project and let’s see how to make it unique and remarkable.

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