Facade claddings
to meet your
creative expectations

The facade is the first thing we see when we look at a building. It gives the latter its identity and conveys an emotion.

If the architects’ creativity is limitless, it is often constrained by the mechanical characteristics of the materials.

Corian©, as well as the numerous other “solid surface” brands, offer a huge creative potential to architects when having to design building cladding. To allow them the possibility to further their ideas as much as possible, our company has developed a specific department devoted to facade covering in Corian© material or in any similar material.

It is by collaborating hand in hand from the start of your project that we can stretch the limits of the material so that your ideas can take shape.

Elements of large dimensions...

When associated with a dilatable structure of Etanco type, Corian© material, or any similar material, as specified in the Technical Approval 2/11/-1472 from DuPont Corian©, offers one the possibility to produce elements of large dimensions. In addition to this characteristic, Corian© has an area density of 21.77 Kg/m 2 which does not overload the supporting structures and makes on-site handling easier.

Shapes and volume...

The composition of materials such as Corian©, about 1/3 of methyl methacrylate and 2/3 of alumina trihydrate, makes machining much easier and opens up wider thermoforming possibilities. Complex geometric cuts and ambitious reliefs are what Corian© experiences daily and are part of our teams’ skills.

Colours and more colours...

With a palette of more than 30 standard colours made for outdoor application, Corian© material stimulates great creativity in architects. All the colours referenced for facades provide excellent resistance to UV rays.

CREA DIFFUSION dresses the facades
of the most beautiful buildings since 2009