Facade: Skills


Our company is a Corian© certified transformer by DuPont de Nemours under no. 117 and we are part of the Quality Network.

Since 2009, we have developed a department specialised in facade covering with Corian© material. Our production is the subject of audits carried out by the CSTB within the scope of the QB mark for projects in compliance with the Technical Approval 2.2/16-1742_V1 from DuPont Corian©.

The skills we have acquired in the field of ventilated cladding throughout numerous projects carried out in France and abroad have enabled us today to take charge of the entire worksite notice files or ATEX files.

Means of production

3 machining centres

They enable one to calibrate panels and to drill inserts. They also enable one to produce thermoforming moulds when having to manufacture shaped parts.

A v-grooving machine

This machine enables one to bend a Corian© panel, or a panel made out of any other synthetic resin, through a stock removal process at the axis of the bend.

A 6-axis robot

This robot is configured to perform sanding operations on elements of the facade.

3 ovens

These ovens are comprised of hot plates that enable one to raise the temperature of Corian© panels, or of the panels made out of any other synthetic resin, to be able to run thermoforming operations.

3 membrane presses

These presses enable one to run thermoforming operations through a vacuum crushing process.