Our company was the first French company to bet on developing exclusive skills on Corian© material in the layout market. If the decision seemed bold at the beginning of the 1990s, history has proven us right as it was a largely winning bet.

As a result of our collaboration with numerous architects, designers and prestige brands, combined with our improvement over time, we were awarded the “Living Heritage Company” label by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in 2020.

Today, our design office and our experienced staff are able to accompany you in the production of your boldest projects.

Elements of large dimensions...

When associated with a dilatable structure of Etanco type, Corian© material, or any similar material, as specified in the Technical Approval 2/11/-1472 from DuPont Corian©, offers one the possibility to produce elements of large dimensions. In addition to this characteristic, Corian© has an area density of 21.77 Kg/m 2 which does not overload the supporting structures and makes on-site handling easier.


The versatility of Corian© material has contributed to its securing a first-class position in the museographic layout. Wall coverings, cymatiums, window display stands, furniture, etc. As much mechanical as visual, the properties of Corian enable it to be used in the design of all the elements inherent to these spaces.

Commercial spaces

The durability of materials such as Corian© gives them a first-class position in the layout of commercial spaces or of chain stores. We have collaborated with numerous “top-of-the-range” brand names who chose this family of materials to express their identity throughout the layout of their stores.

Private individuals

The market of kitchen work surfaces for private individuals was the first business sector for which Corian© material was developed. Our company has devoted itself to this market since its creation and we have always made it our prime objective to preserve this business within our company. We have moved from the kitchen to the bathroom by suggesting vanity tops, shower trays and bathtub claddings. And to further even more our propositions, we have integrated the POLIFORM brand to our catalogue to be able to offer walk-in wardrobes and top-of-the-range furniture.

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