54 London Street

The architect Axel Schoenert was entrusted with the complete restructuring of the office building located at 54 rue de Londres in the 8th district of Paris, the central business district.

“The facade, the immediate interaction between the user and the complex from the rue de Londres, has been completely redesigned and modernised. Made with a white Corian shell (one of the first in Paris), it is subtle and delicate in its aesthetics but strong and imposing in its identity.

This new facade helps to announce the presence of a remarkable new player on rue de Londres, thanks to proportions that retain the harmony of the Haussmannian style but with the appearance of a crystalline solid. The façade is designed to be south-facing and to be located at the top of the street, thus highlighting the shifting light variations that are perceptible to the passer-by.” 

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